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Blogging time - The Fixing Hut blog launches

New site this year, time for a blog. Can't not write? Lots to chat about

Maintenance tips. Instrument reviews. Tips for basic home repairs. The stuff all players should know

We see many different saxophones, flute and clarinets come into the music studio workshop. Many instruments have similar problems and some completely different than another manufacturer.

We see many clients with such love for their instrument and that makes us happy. We understand that regular maintenance and care of your instrument is important to you, but with so much advice out there - which should you listen to? What is the correct way to do something?

Well, there's more than one to Paris of course. In this blog, going forwards, we aim to help with these concerns by showing what we do here in the Fixing Hut workshop and bring you closer to understanding the maintenance, repairs and mechanisms of your own instrument.

Parting message

Right, off we go to sort these instruments out. Got a very old, odd looking Yamaha case looming here waiting to be opened.


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