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The Melody Initiative
A charity supporting children to access music by providing free instruments via schools

There are a few different people who help make this a reality: the schools we partner with, the companies and businesses that support us and of course, our amazing team

Together we all believe in the same thing: that every child should have access to music. Many vulnerable children simply do not. Whether SEN children or from adopted & fostered families or low income households - for many children, music is out of their reach. That's where we come in

Through generous donations from across the UK, we provide free loans of instruments to these children via schools so that they have an instrument of their own to enjoy, play and learn on

Read more below for how you too can support us and make a difference. We are based in Hampshire and looking to expand going forwards. There is a massive need that has presented itself to us (see below), and we aim to do all we can to help

Music is something has changed all of our lives. Our mission statement is to enable as many vulnerable children as possible to have this opportunity



Our Story

Via repairing woodwind instruments, Ric came across the odd instrument donated to the workshop. To pass onto someone who needed it. In this, Ric saw an opportunity, and listed on his websites, that instruments can be donated to him to be passed on to vulnerable children

Instruments have been pouring in, and now we find ourselves, with instruments to provide to schools and many vulnerable children, with thanks to all those who've given us a free instrument

To this day, we're playing catch up with the demand, and we hope, changing some children's lives out there. Be a part of what we do - ask us for more info and read more on this page


Donating Instruments

We accept all instruments that are unused, unplayed, unwanted, old, broken. Anything that isn't being played currently is an instrument a child could learn music with. Don't worry about the condition - we'll sort that

Instruments accepted:

All woodwind, Brass & String

Acoustic Drum Kits

Guitars (electric & acoustic)



Financial Donations Accepted

Yes, our charity is focussed around getting instruments to vulnerable children. However, without funding and donations or our fundraising campaigns and events - none of this would be possible


From funding our storage of instruments, instrumental repairs, to website design and upkeep to business cards and leafletting, to social media drives and even fuel to collect instruments. Our running costs mount and we thank all for every donation, big or small - it's all going straight into what we do

As we setup PayPal and other online donating methods, for now, please contact us directly to donate, thanks


The Schools

We partner with local primary schools to deliver instruments to children. Instruments they need for lessons with instrumental tutors visiting

We also provide spare, rehearsal & stage school instruments for secondary schools. Many a secondary school required a double bass or new tuba. We help with this. Instruments that are loaned to the school and can be used by any student for lessons, rehearsals and concerts

Finally, we provide both primary and secondary schools with drum kits. Every school needs a drum kit, and many schools simply do not have the funding for a drum kit, or only for part of a drum kit


Our Team

All the amazing people who make The Melody Initiative a thing

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