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Free Consultation

Servicing & Repair Options
Saxophone, Flute & Clarinet

Our Aim: To get your instrument playing quickly and at it's best. With a 5 star rating on Google reviews we're sure we can help you.

The Fixing Hut works with a one week turnaround for a standard service

The Fixing Hut takes every instrument on an individual basis. No two instruments and repairs are the same and we create a bespoke repair for your requirements

Having said that, we know our customers always appreciate knowing the price brackets. These are listed below

Plan your visit: It is impossible to give exact quotes without seeing the patient! We need your instrument in hand in the workshop - book a free consultation and bring it in. The pricing below is to give you an idea. After an individual quotation is given to you upon your visit to The Fixing Hut, we'll always seek your consent before work commences

When you leave an instrument with us, you'll receive a delivery note, confirming this, whilst we do what we do best. When your instrument is ready, we can send Whatsapp videos of the final play test

Upon collection, you'll get a receipt with your 3 month warranty and a breakdown explained of the work, plus advisories for future maintenance

Offers & Trade-ins: At The Fixing Hut you can claim many offers. From a free music lesson with each service to 25% off of future instrument services. You can part exchange an old instrument you no longer need towards the cost of a current repair or service. You can donate to our underprivileged kids scheme in Southampton. So many options. Check it out


Free Consultation

We offer a free, no obligation consultation, where we will advise you of the options for your instrument whilst giving you a specific quote for the work. Via appointment only



Individual repairs are quoted per Instrument & repair. 

Some repairs can be completed whilst you wait. In this case, there is a set fee of £25 for on the spot repairs

Got a specific problem? We fix it and ensure your instrument is playing again as it was

Examples of this work includes: 

Cork Replacement. Stiff or snapped Spring. Something broken off. Octave Mechanism Repair. Neck screw stuck in sax. A pad fallen out. Key cork broken off. A pad isn't sealing. A note not playing. 

Clarinet 3

Maintenance Service

Flutes & Clarinets: £80 - £130

Saxophones: £100 - £150

All instruments given base clean including with silver polish if required. Re-oil of instrument and check and re-tension of springs. Instrument stripped down as required

Your instrument is fully inspected and play tested to check for other problems and working order across the full range

This is a great option if:

Your instrument is in working order and you want to keep it mechanically running smoothly or if you've seen us previously for a base service in the past year as part of regular maintenance


If your instrument is having technical problems you notice, you'll need either repairs or a standard service


Full Standard Service

Flutes & Clarinets: £130 - £250

Saxophones: sop / alto / tenor £150 - £300

Saxophones: baritone / sopranino £200 - £400

All aspects of an instrument are looked at, including, (but not limited to):

Instrument stripped down as required. Cleaning inc silver polish if required.

Pads cleaned, reseated and pad replacement, leaks corrected. Screws (adjustments and replacements). Action of the instrument altered to your personal playing. Cork and felts replaced as necessary. Key height checked, altered as necessary. Springs tensioned to your preference. Removal of old oil & re-lubrication of the instrument to playing order


Overhaul & Re-Pad Services

Flutes & Clarinets £250+

Saxophones £350+

The big one (A full strip down and rebuild)

Most instruments haven't seen one of these often. For those unloved vintages found in lofts. For the 30 year old instrument discarded until needed again. A broken instrument with serious dents

Sometimes, it's simply an instrument that needs a full re-pad

Base Service
Standard Service
Overhaul & Re-Pad
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