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Offers, Sales & Trade-ins

Get that little something extra...or donate to our charity work


3 month warranty on all repair work

We're so comfy with our repair work that we want you to feel the same. That's why everyone gets a 3 month warranty on all our servicing and repair work across sax, flute & clarinet

If anything goes wrong with our work in this time, we'll fix it for free


Free lesson with every standard service

Take your learning to the next level and take advantage of a free 30 minute lesson with every standard service (if you're not already learning with us that is)


Instrument & Mouthpiece Sales

There's often instruments for sale at discounted rates to repair clients. Come ask us whilst visiting

We also have a whole box of 2nd hand mouthpieces for sale. All ready for that new home


The Fixing Hut's Charity:


The Melody Initiative

We give free instruments to parents struggling to source or fund a saxophone, flute or clarinet for their child to learn on. We all remember our first instrument we learnt on and so here at the Fixing Hut we try to help as many kids as we can to get making music

We accept donations of any broken or unused instruments and restore them with our spare time, then off they go, out across Southampton to their new home

We also partner with schools to provide instruments to school children. See here


Trade in your old instruments

We've found many folk have unwanted, old or broken saxophones, clarinet or flutes just lying around

Perhaps it's your first instrument before your more expensive upgrade. Whatever it is, we'll take the old one off of your hands for our donation scheme (we chat about that above), and will happily deduct monies from your current servicing or repair invoice giving you money back

A great way to get a reduced or even free price on your repair

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